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Need a Psychologist in Miami?

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Psychologist in Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida is located in the Southeast part of the state, on Biscayne Bay. People here are full of life and enjoy healthy living. However, at times some instances or circumstances may trigger stress, family disagreements, mental disorders which may disrupt the normal way of living. At this point don’t shy from visiting the most qualified psychologist based in Miami. Dr. Wade Silverman is recognized as the psychologist of the year by the Florida Psychological Association. He has helped many individuals get back on track and live happier and healthier lives.

Services Offered

Dr. Wade Silverman is a clinical and forensic psychologist, who is highly qualified and experienced in the provision of individual, family, child, and adolescent therapy as well as psychological evaluations and forensic psychology. Dr. Wade Silverman uses evidence-based treatments like dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. These methods have proved to be effective as families, children as well as groups who have visited him, end up learning how to explore their feelings, thoughts, and behavioral patterns helping them deal with various situations better. Here is a detailed summary of the services he offers.

Individual Therapy

Do you feel like you need therapy? Well, you are not alone, just book an appointment with Dr. Wade Silverman. He will help you to get a better comprehension of the issues you are facing. He offers coping strategies that help individuals handle difficult situations. Dr. Wade Silverman inspires his patients to become better through the use of evidence-based methods. With Dr. Wade Silverman, you are assured of enjoying a safe space and working treatments based on his experience and expertise.

Family Therapy

Understandably, families at times face hurdles and it might be difficult to overcome the overwhelming feelings. However, it is advisable to seek a family therapist. Dr. Wade Silverman helps families to improve their communication skills, acquire individual coping strategies, and but not limited to bringing collaboration among members. He offers the best services as he understands the value of family.

Child Therapy and Adolescent Therapy

Dr. Wade Silverman, helps young children, teens, and adolescents make sense of what’s going on in their lives, bodies, and minds. He assists them to improve their overall mood, confidence, self-worth, boost their esteem to help them cope in their situations. As a parent, once you notice your child acting in hurtful ways, struggling to find happiness, have difficulties meeting friends, rejecting themselves. Kindly, consult a therapist early to help your child get treatments that will help him or her live a well-balanced and happy life.

Psychological Evaluations

Dr. Wade Silverman is a licensed psychologist, within Miami with expertise in behavioral health. He is trained to perform psychological evaluations to clarify a diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan. He uses various instruments like an in-depth clinical interview, talking with close ones of the diagnosed, tests using questionnaires and assessments. He then can determine the information to use and the treatment to offer. This evaluation is performed on those undergoing depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or thought disorder. Kindly, call to book an appointment or inquire.

Forensic Therapy

Notably, this therapy involves the combination of the science of human behavior and the law to assess, diagnose and treat individuals who have come into contact with the justice system. Dr. Wade Silverman fully understands the law and is an expert in the field of psychology, hence he can provide objective analysis and helping out those in the justice system. Reach out to get professional help.

Why Choose Dr. Wade Silverman

Dr. Wade Silverman has over 40 years in the field of clinical and forensic psychology. He is not only academically qualified but is experienced, professional and passionate about helping individuals recover and get back to their life. He has received a lifetime achievement award presented by the Florida Psychological Association, which shows his credibility and ability to treat individuals. Dr. Wade Silverman is a distinguished psychologist for both the Division of Psychotherapy and the Florida Psychological Association. He aims at improving the ongoing and in-depth mental health care for individuals who visit him. He serves his clients, trains them, and educates them on a healthier way of reacting to life hurdles. You can always trust his services, make an appointment today.