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Psychological Evaluations and Examinations

Your road to therapy begins with an accurate evaluation. The evaluation will accurately diagnose a problem which will allow us to cater a specific path to resolution. Let us help you in discovering which evaluation might be the right fit. Give us a call to learn more!

Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessment is a specific set of procedures including extensive interviewing, history taking, and psychological testing. The goal is to accurately diagnose a problem. This activity is particularly important when the client is considering use of medication in his or her treatment. It is also useful in identifying learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and short and long term disability. It is seldom that one test can provide all the information needed to form an accurate diagnosis. I select tests based upon the diagnostic question, “What is wrong that this person is experiencing these symptoms?” Most tests that are most frequently used by psychologists are scored by computer software and may even have a computerized interpretation program. However, these interpretations are not as accurate as that of an experienced clinician whohas taken an accurate and thorough case history.

Assessing Psychological Mitigating Circumstances

The forensic psychologist evaluates the client to assess whether there are any variables that are important in the understanding the client’s degree of culpability in committing a crime. Garry Melton, a forensic researcher, and his colleagues outline seven influences that may be important inconsideration of mitigating circumstance. These include mental age, immaturity, unstable family background, lack of adequate role models, physical or psychological impairment, chemical intoxicants, stress, and major psychological issues.

Fitness for Duty Examinations

Even when there is effective pre-screening, there are times when an individual succumbs to job stress or personal problems such as substance abuse or depression. A psychologist can help determine when and if the person should be suspended or placed on disability. The psychologist can also determine if an individual is capable of returning to work.

Pre-Employment Screening

This pre-employment screening, therapy and counseling process involves a thorough analysis of the job description and subsequent interviewing and psychological assessment to determine whether an individual is “a good fit.” Tests are used that have been validated for the employment assessment process. The particular battery of tests chosen is a function of whether the position is administrative,line staff, or public safety.

Independent Medical Examinations

When an individual is determined to be psychologically disabled, an employer may question that decision or want to know when that individual can return and in what capacity. He/she may want to consult with an independent professional to answer their questions. This process is called an Independent Medical Examination or IME.