Personality Disorders Equal Problem Cases

Most of you have had to deal with clients who give you major problems. They are uncooperative and irresponsible. They resist direction and/or act obnoxiously. These people probably have a personality disorder. There are 10 different types of personality disorders which I will briefly describe below.

An individual with a paranoid personality disorder is characteristically suspicious and distrustful of others. He may not even trust his own family members. The schizoid personality disorder is withdrawn and cold and exhibits socially inappropriate behavior. This individual may alienate others by being insensitive and unfriendly.

The schizotypal personality disorder is marked by bizarre tendencies. Many of you may recall Tiny Tim, the ukulele player on the late Johnny Carson Show. He is an example of this disorder. The physical appearance of the person may be outlandish and their behavior odd.

The antisocial personality disorder is similar to a psychopath. Such individuals have no conscience. They are dishonest and will harm others in order to satisfy their own needs.

The borderline personality disorder is subject to extreme and variable emotional states, usually anger or anxiety. They miss deadlines and appointments and are prone to extreme interpersonal conflicts.

Histrionic personality disorder in individuals are shallow and dramatic. They are flighty and highly emotional. They crave personal attention.

At the core of the narcissistic personality disorder is self-centeredness. A sense of entitlement makes it difficult to share or to compromise with this individual. They are never wrong. They are self-indulgent.

Avoidant personality disorder cannot bear conflict, nor can they assert themselves. They are basically scared individuals.

Individuals exhibiting a dependent personality disorder cannot function on their own. They will ask others to make decisions for them. They will always ask for help rather than do something on their own.

Finally, the obsessive-compulsive personality disorder individual will probably drive you to distraction with his/her pre-occupation with minutia and need for perfection. They are overly neat and overly organized.

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