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Ten Tips to Make Your Day to Day Life Easier

1. Try not to bite off more than you can chew

Many people try to accomplish too much in one day and then get frustrated.

2. Do not volunteer for any activity that you truly do not want to do.

Many people want to be “nice guys” and then resent it afterwards. This causes a deterioration in relationships

3. Do not live beyond your means.

Financial pressure is one of the chief forms of stress. Don’t be a “big shot”.

4. Reward yourself each and every day for fulfilling your responsibilities.

Everyone needs to look forward to something. Have a glass of your favorite wine or watch your favorite TV show.

5. Walk away when anger arises.

We cannot think rationally when we are over emotional. We might indulge in behavior we will regret afterwards or say words we will regret.

6. Perform an act of kindness everyday
This helps us empathize with others and feel good about ourselves. You can open the door for a stranger or help a colleague with their work.

7. Do not feel guilty.

It is a waste of time. Rather, correct the mistake you made. Apologize for rude behavior or complete a duty you failed to perform.

8. Do not yell.

It only raises blood pressure. People do not pay attention to volume, but rather to the content.

9. Do not try to control the behavior of others.

If your child misbehaves you need to let them know they have the choice to do something right or suffer the consequences. Making demands without offering choices is unproductive.

10. Live by the golden rule.

The most important way to make life easier is to do onto others as you would have done onto you.

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