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Individual and Family Therapy

Whether you are facing a challenge individually or within a family, we will tackle them together. We believe in empowering our clients with the skills that will enable them to operate at higher levels of independence. Being here is the first step. Give us a call and get started!

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual therapy and psychotherapy is the cornerstone of psychological services. One in ten individuals can use psycho therapeutic services on any given day. My approach is to problem solve with the client on issues of contemporary concern. The past is only used as a way of understanding the present. Clients need help with here and now issues. Individual psychotherapy may focus on symptom reduction such as stress, pain, anxiety, or it may focus on successful management of problematic events such as marital discord, work relationships, or social interactions. Most clients come to therapy on a weekly basis unless they have more serious psychological conditions such as severe depression or debilitating anxiety. Specific interventions may include hypnosis, progressive relaxation, and systematic desensitization. Hypnosis is particularly useful for the management of anxiety and physical pain. It is a natural and safe procedure with no side effects. Contrary to popular myths, the client is fully conscious and aware throughout the hypnotic procedure. Progressive relaxation teaches the client to tense and relax various muscle groups so as to relieve tension and stress.

Systematic desensitization is a treatment for phobias that is highly successful. The client is taught to relax and then is exposed to the feared objects in increasing forms of intensity. The anxiety to the feared object is thus extinguished.

Family Psychotherapy

My treatment approach is to identify the entire family unit as the client. Similar to marital therapy,treatment consists of problem resolution and conflict resolution. In most families, boundaries are a major concern. Each member learns to respect the individuality of the other. Also family myths are a concern. One member is falsely identified as the problem source or another member is inaccurately labeled by the rest of the family. Many parents unconsciously recreate the conflicts they had in their families of origin. This is why it is important to set aside time to interview each of the parents so as to take a thorough case history.

Communication may also need to be regulated. Those that talk the most may need to learn to listen more, and those that tend to listen more may need to learn to talk more frequently.

Marital Psychotherapy

All marital couples have problems at some point in their marriage. Marriage counseling is employed to more effectively and efficiently solve these problems. Couples learn how to communicate with each other with more respect and concern. They learn how to be more positive in approaching each other’s grievances and how to work as a team. The primary goals of marriage counseling are conflict resolution and the promotion of cooperation. For many years I thought that it was not possible to work on marital issues without the cooperation of both spouses. Research data by James Bray PhD, past president of the American Psychological Association, has shown that improvement may be obtained by working with just one spouse. There are also several marital diagnostic tests that couples can take to assist both them and the therapist in identifying conflict themes and sources of difficulties.