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Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is a part of daily life. Moderate stress can actually be healthy it can  serve as a motivator that focuses the mind and helps us to prioritize our activities. However, when stress reaches a certain level it becomes debilitating and may lead to health problems such as tension headaches or high blood pressure. Chronic or extreme stress needs to be treated by a clinical psychologist familiar with stress management techniques.  The most useful techniques include exercise, relaxation, hobbies, socialization, and positive self talk.

Exercise can take the form of any activity that you enjoy enough to do at least three days a week. This may involve walking the dog, bike riding, or swimming. The effect of exercise is to “calm down” the mind as well as increase the feeling of well-being by improving blood circulation.

Relaxation reduces blood pressure, aids digestion, improves concentration, and improves the ability to sleep. Yoga and meditation are forms of relaxation as well as reading a good book, watching a movie or television show.

Hobbies are distractions from the world that entertain and help us keep fresh for another day. Whether you fly fish, collect stamps, or build model airplanes, these activities can clear your mind.

We are all social beings who need to share our experience with others. People who enjoy friends and family live longer and better. Socialization reduces feelings of isolation and despair.

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