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Five Important Habits of Self Motivated People

Through the years, I have treated many successful clients who were not necessarily the most talented nor the most intelligent people whom I have met. However, there were several traits that they shared that led to their success.

1. Structure: Life and work in particular has a rhythm to it that needs to be respected rather than ignored. Routine is good for productivity, Have a regular schedule and abide by it.

2. Exercise: Work requires energy. Hard work requires a lot of energy. Investing in exercise 3 or 4 days a week increases productivity and reduces illness.

3. Interest: Enjoy what you do or do something else. People who are successful at work do not feel as if they are working. They express a profound enthusiasm for what they do as seen by their attitudes and their continually attempting to improve themselves.

4. Social support: Successful people have a network of colleagues with whom they share ideas and professional interest. Professional and business associations are excellent places to network with others.

5. Evolution: Successful people are never complacent about their level of knowledge or skill. They are on a mission to change and to grow. They keep up with the literature of their field. They take continuing education courses. They interact with younger colleagues to keep their skills refreshed.

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