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Dr. Wade Silverman Reviews

The stories that matter most.

Dr. Silverman is a dedicated professional, I have had the pleasure of knowing him for ten years. He is ethical, fair and always puts his patients first! Highly recommended as an expert! One of the most knowledgeable Clinical Psychologists I know!

Carolina Scaramutti - Miami, FL

Dr. Silverman is without a doubt the best in the business. He is truly an expert in his field. I am so appreciative of his dedication, authenticity, and extensive knowledge. I am thankful to have met him and highly recommend his services.

Rachel Glogower - Miami, FL

After just one visit I saw a huge behavioral change in my children. He is a blessing and a man that seems to truly care about ones concerns.

Juliette Malik - Miami, FL

Having been through a lengthy and horrendous custody dispute in the 17th District Court and, naively, believing all the “experts” involved were serving the “the best interest of our child”. I quickly came to realize the depth and gravity that Dr. Silverman’s services brought to our highly, contentious dispute. His intellect, experience and virtues provided just the solution necessary to navigate through the complexities of our case. Thank you Dr. Silverman for being an example of a true professional in your field and being a ray of light in the midst of darkness!

Suzanne Vazquez - Miami, FL

I had the good fortune of having been referred to Dr. Silverman for my daughter five years ago by one of his colleagues. I can honestly say that Dr. Silverman is one of the most professional, educated, respectful, and humane doctors I have ever met. During my daughter’s worst times seeing Dr. Silverman was always a happy time for her. He has been a great advocate for my daughter in schools, hospitals, and even with the press. Dr. Silverman is an expert who TRULY believes in doing what’s right for his patients, especially the children. I highly recommend Dr. Silverman.

Lupe Delsol - Miami, FL

Dr. Silverman is true professional that is very skilled at his craft. Be prepared to interact with someone that will “tell you like it is”

If you are committed to his regimen, you will definitely see positive results.

Often, there is no quick fix when dealing with such matters. You must be committed for as long as it takes.

I recommended him very highly!

David B. - Miami, FL