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Five Ways to Reduce Stress Naturally

Stress is a part of daily life such it can serve as a motivator that focuses the mind and helps us to prioritize our activities. However, when stress reaches a certain level it becomes debilitating and may lead to health problems such as tension headaches or high blood pressure….

Life’s Hacks; Ten Tips to Make Your Day to Day Life Easier

1. Try not to bite off more than you can chew

Many people try to accomplish too much in one day and then get frustrated.

2. Do not volunteer for any activity that you truly do not want to do.

Many people want to be “nice guys” and then resent it…

Is Psychotherapy an Option?

Psychotherapy is always an option. Even individuals without mental health issues can benefit from a psychological consultation. Psychologists can help you to become more effective and more efficient in everyday life. We can help you to prioritize, organize and concentrate. We can help you to reduce stress or be…

What Builds Self-Esteem?

That is an interesting question with a relatively easy answer. Success.

In an age where every child gets a trophy, gradeflation is epidemic, and there are fewer opportunities for competition, egos are protected against failure. Not really. The false god of empty praise yields no protection against storms of reality….

How to Get Through a Panic Attack

In order to get through a panic attack, it is important to know its source. All panic attacks are caused by anxiety. Left untreated, they become more severe and more frequent. A clinical psychologist has many tools at his/her disposal to alleviate panic attacks including relaxation techniques, hypnosis,…

A Discussion of Frequently Made Recommendations Made in Parenting Plan Reports

The vast preponderance of literature on parenting plans indicates that the best interests of children are met by encouraging shared decision making and shared responsibility by both parents. In the state of Florida, we are also moving quickly toward a model of the presumption of equal time sharing. Any…

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Personal Injury

One of the least appreciated facts unknown or unrecognized by many personal injury lawyers is the frequent and severe psychological sequelae that occur as a consequence of physical trauma. Indeed, the psychological consequences of personal injury can exceed the physical ones.

If the accident or injury happened under a life…

couples and Boundaries

The basic task for happy and healthy relationships is to figure out what’s mine, what’s yours, and what’s ours. This includes not only material goods but rights, privileges, and responsibilities. This is accomplished by setting boundaries, lines of demarcation. Each person needs to let the other…

Stress in Today’s Workplace

Ever consider how much more stressful the work environment is today compared to even 10 years ago? We have so much more gadgetry. Our email needs to be checked. Our cell phones need to be answered. In mid conversation we are interrupted by a text…

Learning to Treat Yourself

Not too many years ago psychologists denigrated directed thoughts and the power of reflection to alter everyday existence. A famous psychologist by the name of B.F. Skinner went so far as to announce that there was no such thing as free will or choice. It took many…