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Dr. Wade Silverman

For over 40 years, Dr. Silverman has provided psychological services to adults, families, adolescents and children.

His specialties include forensic evaluations, social investigations, individual psychotherapy, family therapy, couples therapy, and psychological assessments. Please find below Dr. Silverman’s Curriculum Vitae  that details his past experiences.


Curriculum Vitae


How We Can Help

Whether the objective is to understand a situation, restore a relationship, overcome fears and depression, or another subject, every client is unique and receives a catered approach throughout the experience. We’ve helped hundreds of individuals throughout over 40 years in the field and continue to deliver results for our clients.

Most Requested Services

Individual + Family Therapy
Our approach is to problem solve with clients on issues of contemporary concern. The past is only used as a way of understanding the present. The most important decision is to get started.

Child + Adolescent Therapy
Most cases are environmentally based. This means that occurrences at home or at school are responsible for their discomfort. A prerequisite of successful therapy is active parental participation during therapy sessions.

Psychological Evaluations
Psychological assessments are a specific set of procedures including extensive interviewing, history taking, and psychological testing. The goal is to accurately diagnose a problem. This is crucial to delivering an accurate assesment.

Forensic Psychology
Every case is treated ethically and transparently. When participating in any case, Dr. Silverman explores the position of the other side to demonstrate they have reviewed all of the material on the case at issue. Proper due diligence is key.

Clients Tell it Best

Transformation Stories


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